Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges come in various forms- some with arms and some without. The style is different from a standard couch and typically is “tufted” as well, making it again

Pull-Out Sofa Beds

This is pretty much the most popular type of sleeper sofa. As they are the same concept as a futon, the sofa back stays up-right and the area where you sleep folds and is stored under the sofa “belly”.


A futon is a combination of both a bed and a sofa, which makes it dually functional and convenient. Typically, the back of the futon folds or releases down as to make a cushioned surface to sleep on.


Daybeds are similar to chaise lounges and in that respect can range in many different ways.

Settee Sofas

Settees are more like a very wide chair and are constructed differently than a standard sofa.

Divan Sofas

Divan sofas have no back on them. They rely on the support of a wall to place the pillows against. That is why the re-placement location of these types of sofas is key. We can disassemble and re-assemble these properly and make sure their new placement is conducive.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture can be very fragile and complicated to move. Antiques are typically irreplaceable because they usually have both monetary and sentimental value to you.

Leather Furniture

Leather is one of nature’s most wonderful, durable goods. Leather’s high tensile strength makes it a strong, flexible material. It will stretch and then return to its original shape.

Armoires, Entertainment Centers and Wall Units

Armoires, Entertainment Centers and Wall Units can have many parts and be very heavy to move. Sometimes it isn’t too complex to take them apart, but when you go to put them back together, you are faced with multiple pieces that must fit back together accordingly as they must be put back in a meticulous […]